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Mizumoto Park

Children play hide-and-seek among Metasequoia trees some 20 meters tall.

Dec. 6 - One reader of Z Notes commented on my recent blog about the Metasequoia Trees near the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo and recommended that I visit Mizumoto Park in Tokyo's Katsushika Ward. He told me that hundreds of Metasequoia trees grow in a small forest there. This reader kindly provided directions to the park.

On a recent cool autumn day, I went to Mizumoto Park to see these beautiful trees for myself. I took the Chiyoda subway line to Kanamachi Station and transferred to a bus for a short ride to the park.

Mizumoto Park is more spacious than I thought, so I decided to rent a bicycle. Costing only 200 yen, the Mizumata bicycle rental must be one of the best deals in Tokyo!

Before long, I found the Metasequoia forest. The park planted 1,800 of these trees in 1973, and they have already grown to over 20 meters in height. Small children played hide-and-seek under their green canopy as their families enjoyed picnics at wooden tables.

I also explored the goldfish research station, the aquatic botanical garden, and the large pond on Mizumoto Park's excellent bicycle trails.

Bicycle rental, a great bargain at just 200 yen.

Lots of families with children enjoy this big park.

I shared the park with many young parents playing with their children. One father was teaching his son how to ride a bicycle. Another played catcher as his son pitched an imaginary baseball game. One small girl seemed fascinated to see a foreigner riding a bicycle, so she came up to say hello.

Seeing so many families enjoying a leisurely Sunday reminded me of city parks in America.

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