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Jan. 6 - Last month I transferred back to Washington, D.C. to begin my new job as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Japan and Korea in the State Department. I leave Japan with many fond memories. [More] (2 Comments)

Dec. 29 - Ann and I will spend our New Year's Day with my brother-in-law and his family. Ann will make "Ozoni" in the way her mother taught her. [More] (1 Comment)

Dec. 27 - Today's guest blog is by Thomas Whitney who works in the Embassy Political Section. On Oct. 30, he participated in the first-ever Osaka Marathon. [More] (0 Comments)

Dec. 22 - I have always enjoyed celebrating Christmas. This year Ann and I look forward to joining my family in San Diego during the December holiday. [More] (1 Comment)

Prior to a recent trip to the U.S., I visited Tokyo's Ginza district to purchase souvenirs in order to share a bit of Japanese culture with my American friends. I visited some of my favorite stores. [More] (2 Comments)

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